South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

You have to go to church!
Well, fine.
Go ahead and miss church.

When you die and go to hell,
you can answer to Satan!

You can see your breath
Hanging in the air

You see homeless people
But you just don't care

It's a sea of smiles
In which we'd be glad to drown

That's right!
It's Sunday morning

In our quiet little
White-bread redneck mountain town

- Ready, Ike? Kick the baby!
- Don't kick the baby.

Kick the baby.
Ike, you broke another window!
That's a bad baby. Bad baby!

We're going to
the Terrance and Phillip movie.

Oh, my God!
Kyle, where are you going?
- We're going ice-skating.
- Take your brother.

He's not even my real brother.
He's adopted.

Do as I say!
Okay, I'm sorry.
Look at those frail and fragile boys
It really gets me down
The world is such a rotten place
And city life's a complete disgrace

That's why I moved to
This redneck "meshuggenah"

Quiet mountain town
Ike! Bad baby!
Brought to you by Snacky Smores...
... the fun of s'mores in a cookie.
Mom, somebody's at the door!
- Coming, hon.
- I can't see the TV!

It's been six weeks since Saddam
Hussein was killed by wild boars...

... and the world is
glad to be rid of him.

Eric, it's your little friends.
What are you doing here?
Sweet, dude. Yes!
Off to the movies we shall go
Where we learn everything
That we know

'Cause the movies teach us
What our parents don't have time to say

And this movie's gonna
Make our lives complete

- 'Cause Terrance and Phillip are sweet
- Super sweet.

Thank God we live in the quiet little
Redneck Podunk white trash