South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

I must be strong. I must be strong.
Saddam, I need to talk to you.
Get packing, bitch. We have to go!
We're running out of time!

Saddam, sometimes you can love
a person very much...

...but still know
they aren't right for you.

What are you talking about?
You treat me like shit!
I'm leaving you!

I'm going up to Earth to rule alone.
No! No, you can't do that!
I'm sorry, but I have to be strong.
Give me another chance!
I have to go to Earth!

You don't have respect for me!
Sure I do, guy.
Please just hear me out.

Some people say that I'm a bad guy
They may be right
They may be right

But it's not as if I don't try
I just fuck up, try as I might
But I can change, I can change
I can learn to keep my promises
I swear it

I'll open up my heart
And I will share it

Any minute now, I will be born again
Yes I can change, I can change
I know I've been
A dirty little bastard

I like to kill, I like to maim
I'm insane, but it's okay

'Cause I can change
It's not my fault that I'm so evil
It's society, society
You see my parents
Were sometimes abusive

And it made a prick of me
But I can change, I can change
What if you remain
A sandy little butthole

Don't be such a twit
Mother Teresa won't have shit on me

Just watch me change
Here I go. I'm changing!

You see, I've really matured.
All right.
Come on, we have to hurry.