Three Kings

Trained warrior! Trained warrior!
Trained warrior! Oh, my God!
Major Gates!

What's Adriana got?
Just the celebration story.
That's it? That story's evaporating.
The Iraqi POW story's evaporating.
Still have my gold story, though.
Returning the gold to Kuwait.

What do you know about that?
They think it's
in a bunker somewhere.

-What's going on?
-I was about to ask you the same.

You said he was former Delta, he'd take
care of me. What a bunch of bullshit!

-Let me handle this!
-Doesn't she have an escort?

-She's right here.
-Find her someone to fuck...

:05:03 she'll leave my escort alone.
-That's unnecessary.

I don't want him going to other
reporters and giving away my stories.

-You don't have any stories.
-You don't tell people that!

Look at what's become of you!
Yes, look at me.
I've got my clothes on! I'm dressed!

I will say you're old, Adriana.
I really don't need this shit, major.
You understand me?

This is a media war!
And you better get onboard!

We'll talk tomorrow,
and I'll straight you out!

Take a picture!
One more!
Very handsome.
Good shot, Barlow!
Captain's coming!