Three Kings

-She's right here.
-Find her someone to fuck...

:05:03 she'll leave my escort alone.
-That's unnecessary.

I don't want him going to other
reporters and giving away my stories.

-You don't have any stories.
-You don't tell people that!

Look at what's become of you!
Yes, look at me.
I've got my clothes on! I'm dressed!

I will say you're old, Adriana.
I really don't need this shit, major.
You understand me?

This is a media war!
And you better get onboard!

We'll talk tomorrow,
and I'll straight you out!

Take a picture!
One more!
Very handsome.
Good shot, Barlow!
Captain's coming!
You better move your butts.
He's coming right now!

Goddamn it! Where the hell did this
booze come from? Get rid of it!

We gotta take more
Iraqi prisoners tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Remove the magazine from your weapon.
Sling your weapon over your left
shoulder, muzzle down.

Have both arms raised above your head.
Approach the multinational forces
position slowly...

...with the lead soldier
holding this document...

...above his head. If you do this,
you will not die.

You will be processed
as prisoners of war...

...provided food, shelter and clothing.
Do not resist.
If you do this, you get this.
If you surrender,
you will get food and shelter. Okay?

Everything's cool. Nobody's gonna
hurt you. Just relax.

Sir, you'll have to
take the turban off as well.