Three Kings

Maybe out the nose.
-What's he saying?
-"The nose."

-Tell me what body part.
-Let me handle this.

It was stitched in back of his head.
The back of his head.
-Who is the guy?
-What guy?

The guy who found it!
-I cannot tell you.
-Fuck that!

-You said you could.
-Not now.

This guy doesn't know shit.
He doesn't know shit.
Listen to me. This guy is French
Special Forces, and he can help us.

-He can?
-Yes, and he's my friend.

But he won't talk to me
if you're around.

You better not be fucking with me.
-I want the story this time.
-You'll get the story.

These have to be Saddam's bunkers
between Karbala and Nazaria.

What's inside?
According to Intel, Picasso, Sony,
Armani, Rolex....

Kuwait was the Arab Beverly Hills,
and Saddam jacked them for it.

I'd like to bring something home
besides sand fleas.

One Rolex would get me a very nice
house outside of Garland.

Five would get
a Lexus convertible.

-Lexus doesn't make one.
-Yes, they do.

It has room for a kid seat.
-Infiniti has a convertible, not Lexus.

The good Lord put this map in our path,
and I believe we'll find something.

He could also put a land mine
in our path.

I don't think so. I've been fire
baptized, and this feels safe.

What are you talking about?
I have a ring of Jesus fire
to guide my decisions.

You're putting me on, right?
Do I look like I'm putting you on?
Okay, ring of Jesus fire.
Freeze, motherfucker!
Sir, this tent is restricted.
Get out of my way.
Mayday! Mayday! Goddamn it!
Good afternoon.
Would this be the proctology tent?
No, sir.
Maybe it's a urology tent.
Or the neurology tent.
Or the ear, nose and throat tent.
Captain's at a staff meeting, sir.
Captain a proctologist?
What's a proctologist, sir?
Doesn't matter.
I'm not looking for him.
I'm looking for Barlow.