Three Kings

I gave you a better arc!
What do you mean?
I threw the ball at a higher arc.
Blacks make better receivers
than quarterbacks.

Stop speaking right now.
Warren Moon is one of the best
in the league.

Houston's gone nowhere with Warren Moon.
-Randall Cunningham?
-Don't get in the mud with him.

Eagles'll never get to
Super Bowl with Cunningham.

Doug Williams not only took the Redskins
to the Super Bowl, but they won!

We can all agree there are many
excellent black quarterbacks.

Let's see what you can hit.
Sorry-ass cracker!
You'll never hit no Iraqi!

I'll hit an Iraqi.
I'll blow his head off!

If he talks like that, ignore him,
or it'll get worse.

You're right.
Just can't help myself sometimes.

Watch this!
-What was that?
-A rigged football C-4, sir.

Why'd you do that?
You said we could fire some rounds
when we left camp.

I said you could fire a few rounds.
We didn't get to see any action.
-You want to see some action?
-Yeah, I do, sir.

Is this what you're after?
We dropped a lot of bombs out here.
We also buried a lot of guys alive.
The only action we seen was on CNN,
except for that dude Troy shot.

-Shot him in the neck?
-That's right, sir.

Fucking badass. I was there.
Took him out at 400 yards.

Head popped up in the air.
Crazy shot, man!
You know anything about gunshot wounds?
-I don't know.

The worst thing about a gunshot,
provided you survive the bullet...

:18:46 sepsis.
Infection of the blood.
Say a bullet tears into you--
Creates a cavity of dead tissue.
That cavity...

:18:54 fills up with bile and bacteria.
You're fucked.