Three Kings

-What was that?
-The wall just exploded.

I thought the war was over.
It is and it isn't.
Could you call the reserve center?

What do you want me to do?
Tell the duty NCO I'm stuck in a bunker
near 223 north, outside Karbala.

223 north, outside Karbala.
-Everything's okay?
-I don't want you to worry.

I tried to do something
for the family, and....

I just want you to know--
Know what?
-I love you.
-What's going on?

Just tell Krystal.
Tell her I'm rich, and if things
work out, she'll be taken care of.

What are you saying?
I gotta go, gooney bird!
I love you!

Spirits are high,
and music is soaring...

:52:49 these young troops celebrate
the liberation of Kuwait.

The mood here is boisterous and giddy,
as these troops are--

I'm being held by a bunker outside--
Shit! Wait!

I'm being held captive by Iraqi troops
outside a bunker near the gritty city--

Wait. Cut, cut!
You said "gritty city" again.
Who gives a shit?! These people
are dying, for chrissake!

What about Private Wogoman?
Let's lay one down first.
In three, two....
I'm being held captive
by Iraqi troops...

...outside a bunker far from Karbala.
The rebels have gone down the road....
The assault, apparently started by the
rebels from Karbala, came up on--

Back off!
Sir, that's enough!
We have a right to be here!
That's mine.
Fuck it.
Could I have my pants, please?
My pants! On my legs!
Out! Get out!
What did you want to be as a little boy?
As a boy, I wanted to be either a
veterinarian or a CIA sharpshooter.