Three Kings

I'm being held captive by Iraqi troops
outside a bunker near the gritty city--

Wait. Cut, cut!
You said "gritty city" again.
Who gives a shit?! These people
are dying, for chrissake!

What about Private Wogoman?
Let's lay one down first.
In three, two....
I'm being held captive
by Iraqi troops...

...outside a bunker far from Karbala.
The rebels have gone down the road....
The assault, apparently started by the
rebels from Karbala, came up on--

Back off!
Sir, that's enough!
We have a right to be here!
That's mine.
Fuck it.
Could I have my pants, please?
My pants! On my legs!
Out! Get out!
What did you want to be as a little boy?
As a boy, I wanted to be either a
veterinarian or a CIA sharpshooter.

Really? That's very complicated.
Yes, colonel.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-I'm giving an interview to NRG.

-Do you have authorization?
-Yes, sir, I do.

-Who gave you this?
-Major Gates.

Archie Gates gave you this?
Jesus Christ, Doug!

-I don't get to do the interview?
-You don't get to do the interview.

Come with me.
Tell me where he is, or you're going
back to the hotel in Dhahran.

I don't know. I think he's
helping Adriana Cruz.

-Is she here?
-No, sir.

So who else is missing?
-Chief's not here.
-Chief's not here?

You don't know where your
sergeant is?

Barlow and Vig are gone too, sir.
They got a document out of
a guy's ass yesterday, sir.

I don't know what it was, a map or
secret list. I saw it happen.

-Did they bring it to you?
-No, sir.

See, he's working something.