Universal Soldier: The Return

No vision.
I need your body.
The one you hid off-line.
You know how to access it.

-You're kidding.
-To survive, I must fulfill my destiny.

The destiny you foresaw.
Are you with me?

Fuck, yeah!
Miss Young, get out of here. Now!
Look, l've covered
some tough stories--

This is not a Christmas parade, okay?
l lost my friend back there.
l want answers!

-Did you hear me?
-You may not like the answers.

Try me.
He's right.
Oh, shit!
This way.
Jesus, who was that guy?
That's Romeo. UNlSOL 2500.
-SETH has them on-line.
-Will that door keep him out?

-Not for long.

Where are we?
Storage for chemical weapons.
-Why would you bring us in here?
-lt was that or get killed.

Oh, great. Just great!
Every station in town is out there.
Maybe even national...

...and l'm stuck in here!
You should've gone when l told you to.
l'm a reporter.
A reporter about to get killed.
l'm not getting killed
until l get my story.

And get your finger out of my face!
-What was that?
-He's coming through.

Let's go. This way.
This is Kitty Anderson at
the Ryan-Lathrop Facility in Dallas.

ln spite of hours
of continuous activity here...