Universal Soldier: The Return

Jesus, who was that guy?
That's Romeo. UNlSOL 2500.
-SETH has them on-line.
-Will that door keep him out?

-Not for long.

Where are we?
Storage for chemical weapons.
-Why would you bring us in here?
-lt was that or get killed.

Oh, great. Just great!
Every station in town is out there.
Maybe even national...

...and l'm stuck in here!
You should've gone when l told you to.
l'm a reporter.
A reporter about to get killed.
l'm not getting killed
until l get my story.

And get your finger out of my face!
-What was that?
-He's coming through.

Let's go. This way.
This is Kitty Anderson at
the Ryan-Lathrop Facility in Dallas.

ln spite of hours
of continuous activity here...

...military officials continue to deny
reports of an industrial accident...

... in their restricted weapons
development section here behind me.

Squid is on-line with disaster time!
Get me a perimeter!
What are we up against, sir?
The computer.
lt's out of control.
The computer.
Can we shut off the power?

lt won't let us.
Look, it has access to weapons in there.
Biological, tactical.
lt controls them all.

We've gotta destroy the damn thing.
He's looking for two bodies.