Universal Soldier: The Return

Those soldier things--
-The Army can't handle them?

You saw what it takes to slow them down.
So why'd you build them?
What is it with you boys
and your war toys?

l remember your type from high school.
Football player?

Soccer. What about you? Cheerleader?
That figures.
What is that supposed to mean?
lt means l don't wanna be stereotyped
anymore than you do, okay?

By the way, all soldiers aren't
mindless, violent killing machines.

You were saying?
Devereaux, you're alive.
What the hell was that?
Emergency procedure.
The UNlSOLs are knocking out power and
communication within a 5-mile radius.

-How many left?
-At least two truckfuls.

That leaves maybe 1 0 units inside.
Look what four did.
Should've thought of that
before you built them.

-Who is this?
-She's with me.

General, no matter what happens...
...if SETH doesn't get the code,
he'll shut down in eight hours.

The UNlSOLs will go off-line.
Unless he breaks the code himself.
His program wasn't designed that way.
The program wasn't set up
to do all this either, was it?

You're right.
He's adapting his own program.