Universal Soldier: The Return

Devereaux, you're alive.
What the hell was that?
Emergency procedure.
The UNlSOLs are knocking out power and
communication within a 5-mile radius.

-How many left?
-At least two truckfuls.

That leaves maybe 1 0 units inside.
Look what four did.
Should've thought of that
before you built them.

-Who is this?
-She's with me.

General, no matter what happens...
...if SETH doesn't get the code,
he'll shut down in eight hours.

The UNlSOLs will go off-line.
Unless he breaks the code himself.
His program wasn't designed that way.
The program wasn't set up
to do all this either, was it?

You're right.
He's adapting his own program.

And if he breaks the code?
Then nothing can stop him.
I know what you said, operator.
l don't care if all circuits are busy.
This is an emergency.
Nobody's answering at my house.
They wouldn't let me
try to use the phone.

War's breaking out, l can't
get in touch with my station.

You can go there.
No. l'm not letting go of you.
l mean, you're my story.
l can tell you're the key to all this.
-Who were you trying to call?
-My daughter.

The little girl back there?
That was your daughter?

l hope she's safe.