Universal Soldier: The Return

I'm her aunt, kind of.
l need the parents
to sign this release.

She's got a subdural hematoma.
We're trying to control the swelling...

...but we may have to operate.
l can't do that without
the parents' consent. Excuse me.

Luc, where the hell are you?
What happened?
The same that happened here.
SETH is gone.

l thought he was a huge machine.
Right. His brain's gone.
l don't know how. He moved himself.

Come on.
We've got to tell Gen. Radford.
l don't trust him. l've gotta find
SETH before he breaks the code.

-You said he couldn't.
-He's getting smarter, faster.

l've gotta find a computer
to get into the system now.

How can you hack in
if the phone lines are down?

l know a line that works
off its own satellite.

-What are you doing?
-Just drive.

So you really were one of them?
How do you volunteer for that?
You don't.
l was killed in Vietnam.

Dr. Cotner...

...reversed the process,
made me live again.

Saved my life.
That makes you normal?
Eyes front, soldier.
What about your wife?
What does she think about all this?
She's dead.
l'm sorry.
So am l.
What's our plan?
What do you mean?
We're in this together.