Warlock III: The End of Innocence

I didn't catch your name,

I wonder if you could tell
me your business here

I'll need those letters
For her eyes only,
I'm afraid

How do you know about
those letters?

Give them to me
I believe I'll have a
conversation with
young Kris

That won't be possible
I can't breath...
Then let me give you
some air

Those who forget the past
are doomed to repeat it

Where's Mr.Butterfield?
He couldn't stay
He said he needed some air
I didn't see him leave
The storm is terrible
I forgot to ask him about
the letters

Oh yes, he mentioned them
I am sure he'll return
What did he say about them?
The contents were
rather vague

Something about we need a
new mule but a churn
is broken

Those the sort of thing
those poor folks worried

but enough of
ancient history

I really should be going
The storm
Maybe, you can stay just
for lunch or until

the storm let's up
Yes, I suppose it would give
me more time

to see the house and to
get to know you

You could probably tell me
so much about this place