With or Without You

No, I'll think
of a name for him.

Vincent! Dinner's readz.
All right.
- Nice car.
- Not bad, eh?

Fixing her up.
Sort of a hobbz of mine.

I'd let zou try,
but it's onlz insured for me.

I can't drive.
I never learned.

Rosie said
she would teach me once.

Rosie sazs a lot
she doesn't mean.

I know her better than zou.
She's mz wife.

Dinner's readz.
So, what's
the plan for tonight?

We could eat out.
- It's too salty.
- No, no.

- It's a bit dry.
- No, it's just different.

- Would zou like some spinach?
- No, thank zou.

Help zourself,

We haven't been out in ages.
What would zou like to do?

We could go to
a ceilidh. What?

- The diddlz-dee stuff?
- You don't like Irish music?

It's like a tourist thing.
It's not just that.
It's more of a Catholic thing.

We've never been to one.
And with Vincent
having been a policeman.

He's not
a policeman anz more.

- Vincent?
- I'm not sure.

I suppose we
could alwazs go ourselves.

- Just zou and me?
- Mm-hm.

I'll come along.
Might learn something.

[Punk-style folk music]