Wo de fu qin mu qin

...but never knew he had a heart condition.
They tried saving him, but it was no use.
Your father then passed away.
-Where is my father now?
-In the provinciaI hospitaI morgue.

We have been waiting for you to return
to discuss this with you.

Last time I spoke with him,
he seemed fine.

He had gotten oIder, pIus the bad storm.
At his age, it was too much for him.
It wouId have been hard on anyone.
The heavy snowstorm
was too much to handIe.

The viIIage intends to arrange a car
to bring your father back...

...back here to bury him in the viIIage.
That's what we pIanned.
That's fine. Go ahead.
But there is a probIem.
Your mother doesn't want to use a car.
She wants your father to be carried back.
What do you mean?
It's an oId tradition.
We'II carry him on the road home...

...so your father won't forget his way.
It's a superstition.
And she wants to waIk with us.
-So, Iet's do it.
-We want to do it.

He was our viIIage teacher.
Everyone respects him.

But our young peopIe
have aII Ieft for the city.

They've gone away to work.
OnIy oId peopIe and chiIdren are Ieft.
Due to this circumstance,
we are pIanning...

...to bring your father back by tractor.
It'II take onIy haIf a day.

We wouId Iike you
to persuade your mother.

Thank you for your concern.
-I wiII taIk it over with her.

Where is she?
ProbabIy at the schooIhouse.
She's been there every day since he died.