Wo de fu qin mu qin

Now that you're here
I can expIain everything.

For many years, your father had wanted...
...to rebuiId the schooIhouse...
...but there were aIways reasons
we couIdn't.

He brought it up again recentIy,
and the viIIage agreed.

We had the materiaIs we needed,
but not enough money.

Your father's mind was made up.
He began traveIIing around,
trying to borrow money.

He went aII over the county.
If he thought there was a chance,
he'd go after it.

On the Iast trip, on his way home...
...he ran into a heavy snowstorm.
He was stuck in the storm and he got sick.
He was too sick to be moved.
He was in bad shape when he got back,
so we took him to the hospitaI.

They examined him
and found that he had a heart probIem.

We've known your dad aII these years...
...but never knew he had a heart condition.
They tried saving him, but it was no use.
Your father then passed away.
-Where is my father now?
-In the provinciaI hospitaI morgue.

We have been waiting for you to return
to discuss this with you.

Last time I spoke with him,
he seemed fine.

He had gotten oIder, pIus the bad storm.
At his age, it was too much for him.
It wouId have been hard on anyone.
The heavy snowstorm
was too much to handIe.

The viIIage intends to arrange a car
to bring your father back...

...back here to bury him in the viIIage.
That's what we pIanned.
That's fine. Go ahead.
But there is a probIem.
Your mother doesn't want to use a car.