Wo de fu qin mu qin

She just sits there
and doesn't Iisten to anyone.

She goes there whenever she has time.
-Is she okay?
-I think so.

I am onIy afraid--
-Is it the oId schooIhouse?

I'II go to see her.

It's so coId. Let's go home, okay?
Your father passed away.
Let's go home, Mother.
We can never see him again.
Get on the bed. It's warm there.

Bring me my Ioom.
Why do you need the Ioom?
I want to weave something.
Weave what?
A cIoth to cover your father's coffin.
Mother, don't weave it.
I'II go buy one instead.
I don't want you to buy one.
That Ioom is so oId.
It's been broken for years.
Nobody uses it anymore.