Wo de fu qin mu qin

Get on the bed. It's warm there.

Bring me my Ioom.
Why do you need the Ioom?
I want to weave something.
Weave what?
A cIoth to cover your father's coffin.
Mother, don't weave it.
I'II go buy one instead.
I don't want you to buy one.
That Ioom is so oId.
It's been broken for years.
Nobody uses it anymore.

Ask UncIe Xia to repair it.
I think you are too tired IateIy.
You need rest.

I have to weave the cIoth for him myseIf.
I'II go buy one right now, okay?
No! Just bring me the Ioom.
The onIy Ioom Ieft in the viIIage
is this one of your mother's.

She's guarded it Iike a treasure.
She wants to repair the Ioom
and weave the cIoth.