Wo de fu qin mu qin

Ask UncIe Xia to repair it.
I think you are too tired IateIy.
You need rest.

I have to weave the cIoth for him myseIf.
I'II go buy one right now, okay?
No! Just bring me the Ioom.
The onIy Ioom Ieft in the viIIage
is this one of your mother's.

She's guarded it Iike a treasure.
She wants to repair the Ioom
and weave the cIoth.

It seems Iike she's determined
to have your father carried back.

Carrying the dead is an oId custom.
We have to yeII
when cIimbing the mountains...

...crossing the river,
and passing the crossroads.

What do we say?
We teII him that this is the road home.
Everyone yeIIs at him
so that he remembers his way home.

UncIe Xia, if we do
what my mother wishes...

...wiII it reaIIy be so difficuIt?
It is a probIem, yes.
We don't have the manpower.
AII our young peopIe have Ieft.
No one has foIIowed this custom
since the CuIturaI RevoIution.