Wo de fu qin mu qin

Come in. Let me see.
My mother's eyesight is no good.
This teacher is very taII.
Sit down, pIease.
The food must taste good to you.
You sound Iike you're enjoying it.
How Iong have you been in our viIIage?
About a month.
-Have you gotten used to it?

That's good.
-You're from the city?
-Yes, from East Gate.

How did you choose Sanhetun?
After graduation, I had nothing to do.
One day I saw someone on the street
signing peopIe up.

I signed up without asking what it was for.
I ended up here.

-Do you regret it?

Why not?
I Iike it here.
-Are you married?

-Are you engaged?

Di wiII do it. Just sit down, pIease.