Wo de fu qin mu qin

How Iong have you been in our viIIage?
About a month.
-Have you gotten used to it?

That's good.
-You're from the city?
-Yes, from East Gate.

How did you choose Sanhetun?
After graduation, I had nothing to do.
One day I saw someone on the street
signing peopIe up.

I signed up without asking what it was for.
I ended up here.

-Do you regret it?

Why not?
I Iike it here.
-Are you married?

-Are you engaged?

Di wiII do it. Just sit down, pIease.
Do you remember this bowI?
The white and bIue design?

No, I don't remember it.
-Did you eat the food brought to the site?

It seems Di's hard work
wasn't appreciated.

Di didn't teII me, but I knew everything.
When you were buiIding the schooI,
she made aII her best dishes.

She aIways used that bowI...
...hoping you wouId choose her dish.
Even I wasn't aIIowed to touch it.
I remember now.
You do?
No wonder the bowI seems famiIiar.
-You ate from this bowI?

What did you eat?
On the first day, I made onion cakes.
On the second,
scrambIed eggs with onions on rice.