Wo de fu qin mu qin

''Spring is the season to sow.
''Everything starts to grow again....''
Mr. Luo!
Luo, Di is here to see you!
Di is here!
That evening my father had to leave again.
He left the city without permission
just to see my mother.

He couldn't stand it
when he heard about my mother.

So he sneaked back.
For this disobedience,
my parents were kept apart...

...for another two years.
Someone told me
that on the day my father...

...finally returned,
my mother put on her red jacket...

...my father's favourite...
...and stood by the road, waiting for him.
From that day on,
my father never left my mother again.

This is the story
of my father and my mother.

This road is a part of their love story.
This is a dirt road that leads
to the city from our village.

My mother had waited for my father
on this road...

...with love and trust, for many years.
So she wants to walk this road
with him for the last time.

Mr. Mayor?
-Who is it?
-It's me, Yusheng.