Wo de fu qin mu qin

...and stood by the road, waiting for him.
From that day on,
my father never left my mother again.

This is the story
of my father and my mother.

This road is a part of their love story.
This is a dirt road that leads
to the city from our village.

My mother had waited for my father
on this road...

...with love and trust, for many years.
So she wants to walk this road
with him for the last time.

Mr. Mayor?
-Who is it?
-It's me, Yusheng.

What is the matter, Yusheng?
-I need to see you.
-Come in.

It's coId out there.
How can I heIp you?
I've thought it through.
-I want to do what my mother wishes.
-Carry him back?

It's stiII a probIem, though.
We don't have enough men, right?
How about hiring some men
from the neighbouring viIIage?

Hiring peopIe sounds easy...
...but how do we pay them?
Just teII me how many men we need.
For a short distance, about 10.
But this is a Iong trip.
I think we need about 16.
We need two shifts. That's 32 men.
And we'II need others to carry chairs...
...so peopIe can rest aIong the way.
That comes to about 35, 36 men.
How much per person?