Wo de fu qin mu qin

...and the village families
had donated money.

He said we must fulfil my father's wishes.
Yusheng, give me your money.
Mayor, we've saved over the years.
Take it to rebuiId the schooI.
I can't take it. You need it for yourseIf.
With my husband gone,
you have to take it.

AII right, I'II take it then.
You are the first,
but sureIy not the Iast to heIp.

I am leaving tomorrow.
Mother has asked me
to go to the schoolhouse one last time.

Mother said the next time I come back,
the school we know will be gone.

Your father heIped buiId this schooI.
He taught here for so many years.
He spent more time here than at home.
Changyu, can you hear me?
The mayor wiII rebuiId the schooI.
They'II buiId a taII and wonderfuI schooI...
...just as you wished.
A great schooI.
Your wish wiII be fuIfiIIed.
They wiII start buiIding next spring.
You won't have to worry anymore.
When the schooI is compIeted...
...I wiII hang a Lucky Red Banner there.
You may rest in peace now.