Wo de fu qin mu qin

He spent more time here than at home.
Changyu, can you hear me?
The mayor wiII rebuiId the schooI.
They'II buiId a taII and wonderfuI schooI...
...just as you wished.
A great schooI.
Your wish wiII be fuIfiIIed.
They wiII start buiIding next spring.
You won't have to worry anymore.
When the schooI is compIeted...
...I wiII hang a Lucky Red Banner there.
You may rest in peace now.
You know your father.
He was a sincere man.
He aIways wanted you
to become a teacher...

...to take over for him.
You went to a teachers' coIIege...
...but you never taught a day of cIass.
If you couId have taught,
even for one day...

...you couId have fuIfiIIed his dream.
Then you couId have gone back to your Iife.
There's no teacher now...
...no sound of chiIdren reading aIoud.
The mayor said a new teacher
was on the way.

No other teacher's voice is
as good as your father's.