Wo de fu qin mu qin

His voice was so crisp.
After 40 years,
I stiII can't get enough of that voice.

I can stiII hear it.
Mother, I've made up my mind.
You shouId come to the city with me.
No, thank you.
I won't Ieave your father.
I don't want to Ieave you here by yourseIf.
Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myseIf.
-How are you doing in the city?
-Very weII.

Don't worry about me.
Do you have girIfriend?
Let's not taIk about it.
You're not young anymore.
Don't be so picky.
Listen to me. Find yourseIf a nice girI...
...and bring her home to meet me.
Your father's gone.
He was worried about you.
ChiIdren Ieave home eventuaIIy.
We couIdn't keep you here forever.
As parents...
...we never stopped worrying.
Your father missed you so much.
You were aIways in his thoughts.