102 Dalmatians

Well, must dash.
This is your last chance,
Mr. Button.

When the press sees what
you're doing to these poor dogs...

you'll be the most hated man
in London.

I don't see any press...
but I can guarantee
the bailiff is on his way.

That's it, Mr. Buttocks!

That one's vicious, he is!
They're here!
Everyone on your best behavior.
Pick up your signs.

Come on.
- Here!
- Here we are outside
the Second Chance...

- You're just in time.
- Excuse me. I'm trying to...

No, the dogs are over here.
These rescued dogs are being evicted...

Just one moment!
This man has no right...

- Here she comes!
- Who she comes?

- Cruella De Vil?
- [Reporters Shouting]
Cruella! Cruella!

- Cruella!
- Cruella!

Call me Ella.

[Reporters Shouting]
Ella! Ella!

This place and I
were made for each other.

- Is it yours?
- [Button] No, it's mine.

- And he...
- Alonzo.

Buy the dump.
And give him
a little extra for a tie.

So, could you tell us
how Cruella De Vil became plain Ella?

Well, I certainly can. It was all
thanks to Dr. Pavlov and his therapy.

[Reporter] Do you really think
that you, a convicted dognapper...

are the right person
to run this establishment?

Second Chance Dog Shelter says it all.