Alice et Martin

What does the doctor say?
Martin's exhausted.
A nervous breakdown.

I can't even call him.
Locking people up that way!
Martin wanted it.
He was suicidal.
They say it's a good sign
he sought shelter.

Is that all?
What are you hiding?

I don't know much.
I know he's sedated...

and that he keeps quiet.
They'll make a vegetable of him.
Don't lose hope.
It just takes time.
Thank you for coming.
I'm happy to have met you.
He wrote to me about you.
Did he write often?
He sent post cards.
Certain things happened
that are gnawing away at him.

I'll go see Lucie Sauvagnac.
Did you call?
I tried.
She won't take my calls.

Does the train go there?
There's a bus.
You can't go yet.
We'll have a nice dinner.

You can spend the night.
You can visit the old bitch

You like my scissors?
They're original.

Have a seat.
I have lots of old ladies.
Color jobs.

It's easy.
Your roots are oily.
Not a good sign.
Seborrhea today, bald tomorrow.

You want a shampoo?
Maybe some other time.
Don't make a fuss.
We have plenty of time.

Just a shampoo.
Relax. I'll massage your scalp.
It's good for stress.
- I'm glad we ate out.
- The end of summer...

Make the most of it.