Alice et Martin

Did you call?
I tried.
She won't take my calls.

Does the train go there?
There's a bus.
You can't go yet.
We'll have a nice dinner.

You can spend the night.
You can visit the old bitch

You like my scissors?
They're original.

Have a seat.
I have lots of old ladies.
Color jobs.

It's easy.
Your roots are oily.
Not a good sign.
Seborrhea today, bald tomorrow.

You want a shampoo?
Maybe some other time.
Don't make a fuss.
We have plenty of time.

Just a shampoo.
Relax. I'll massage your scalp.
It's good for stress.
- I'm glad we ate out.
- The end of summer...

Make the most of it.
I'm totally plastered.
Me too. It feels great.
If I'd lived in Paris,
I'd have danced every night.

We never regret our follies.
Don't you agree?
Yes. I look sensible,
but you don't know me.

I'm starting to.
You know,
Victor and I were happy together.
We paid for it dearly,
both him and me.

I was alone when I had Martin.
He was born three months early.
He was tiny.

The doctors were very worried.
I hit rock bottom.

But the simple fact
that he was alive was a miracle.

I decided to celebrate.
And now at my age,
I still know how to enjoy life.

Who cares what people say?
I work hard all week.
Saturday night, I have fun.