Alice et Martin

"I've decided to turn myself in.
It's the only way.

"I need your help.
You were the only witness.

"Fear of scandal kept you quiet.
Now the truth must be told.

"Please write back. Martin."
They need water.
The heat makes them wilt.

Maybe I should read it again.
Don't bother.
My eyes are going, not my ears.

- I heard it.
- What do you think?

What's to think?
He wants to be judged.

Do you believe in the law? I don't.
The dead remain with us.
Victor wouldn't want
his name sullied.

If the dead were silent,
Martin would be living peacefully.
His father's memory
is tormenting him.

What can we do?
It's between them.
You and I are helpless.

Let them work it out.
Victor adored Martin.
Martin realized it too late.

Do you think a judge can decide?

There's no law for this.
So Martin should join his father
and work it out?

Your son Frederic doesn't know,
does he?

No. I am a woman
who keeps her secrets.

Damn bug!
Cemeteries are full of animals,
especially underground.

I like tending to the tombs.
They need care, like houses.