Let 'em try.
Black folks will be outraged.
So what? We'll just give
the NAACP a little donation.

I've dealt with those guys
before. Big deal.

Where I come from, there's
no such thing as bad publicity.

This is not about the NAACP.
The content of the show is...
It's just politically incorrect.
Who wants to be P.C.
these days anyway?

A couple of minutes,
you'll go singing and dancing...

shucking and jiving,
good fun home entertainment.

Let me ask you,
who are the other characters?

You got characters developed?
It can't just be these two.

We have
three-dimensional characters.

How about Honeycutt?
Topsy? Rastus?
Little Nigger Jim?
And Sambo?
And I would be remiss
to not mention Aunt Jemima.

Aunt Jemima's
gonna rock the doo-rag, right?

This is gonna be crazy shit.
We're gonna hit 'em with
the bomb-diggity on this one.

Now, what's the setting?
The projects.
No. That's your first bad move.
That's the problem
with everything today.

TVs, movies, hip-hop
all takes place in the hood...

and everybody wants to bust
a cap in a motherfucker.

That's not
what we're gonna do here.

No gold teeth,
none of that shit.

Check this out.
"Mantan's New Millennium
"Minstrel Show"...

takes place on a plantation.
Check this out.
Every week, these two
Alabama porch monkeys...

they're gonna make us laugh,
make us cry...

they'll make us
feel good to be Americans.

You know what?
The Alabama porch monkey
plantation shit is wrong.

OK, let's cut it.
It should be
a watermelon patch.

I like watermelon.
It's good for you, too.

Have you lost your mind?
Do you know
how much mail we will get?

Exactly! There will be nothing
else like it on television!