Best in Show

:06:01 could be a Parachute Adams,
whatever it is.

He doesn't have to think, "Oh."
Aside from fishing...
...dogs have always been a big thing
in my family.

My father was a Coonhound man.
He had Red Bones...
...and his brother had a Blue Tick,
and his brother had a Plott Hound...

...and some other
members of the family...

...they had Steven's stock
and some Cataloona Hounds.

And my brother Otto also had
a Red Bone.

We'd fight all the time.
He'd say, "I'm a Red Bone man!"

I used to say, "I'm a Bloodhound man!"
The Bloodhound, of all the breeds, is
just such a noble, loyal, perfect dog.

You can't find a better dog...
...on the whole planet Earth.
And I would guess that even
if one day...

...they land on some other planet
in Venus or Mars, whatever...

:06:49 couldn't find a better dog.
And Hubert is the best Hound
I've ever had.

I've had probably 10 or 1 5.
He is not only a great show dog,
but he could be a great man-trail dog.

If the police came and said,
"I need a great Bloodhound"...

...he would be the one to take out.
Because if there was some kind of
convict loose, God forbid...

...he would be the one to find him.
We got all fresh cuts today,

...porterhouse, T-bone, blade,
ball-tip, tri-tip, chuck.

-We got everything.
-So, basically, you know, meat.

-Got a lot of meat.
-Oh, good.

Now, Tyrone...
...liked those kidneys.
How about a half-pound?

Not the kidneys.
I don't want to pull the membranes.

I'll take care of the membranes.
-You could pull it off.
-Stop it.

A half-pound of the salmon,
half-pound of the kidneys.

Do me a favor. Just get one of
those pepperoni sticks out.

-I just want to hold it.
-Will you stop it? You are so bad.

I had been a hairdresser
about 14 years...

...and I went to a show,
and I saw his nibs here...

...having his way with a Borzoi.