Better Than Sex

Everyone back in the car,
let's go!

Hurry, Okada, pick up the bumper!
Now that we've found it...
We can take Mary out
to the movies

Pay for our traffic tickets
And go to Karaoke!
And get tattoos too!
That can wait,
let's practice first

Let's say there is a purse
in your hand...

and a million bucks inside...
You come up from behind...
Should I first grab her hand?
No, I might end up
hacking your arm

Shouldn't you warn me
before chopping it off?

Man, how are we going to do this?
How hard should we chop?
Do we slice it lightly,
or chop the whole arm off?
Hmm, let's talk about this
for a minute

First of all,
do we aim at the arm or wrist?
how much did you sell
the sword for?

Only $1,500!
And those pricks took it on loan!
Good for nothing!
Selling it may have been
a good thing

The sword's called "lnu-maru"
The 400 year old blade
is razor sharp,

and can cut through steel
I've heard it's cursed...
and whoever holds it...
is doomed.
Is that true?
We should chop at the wrist!
Yeah! Chop at the wrist!
Just like this!
Three centimeters above the palm!