Better Than Sex

It's a temporarily fixation,
where you think you have
some disorder

What was wrong with you?
If you will talk about it...
I am more than willing to listen
It's my penis...
my genitals
The size of my penis
I have...
always felt something was wrong
Everyone says I am abnormal
Do you know how ashamed
I've felt?

I couldn't let anyone know,
I couldn't go swimming,
or even take a piss with others
I have no friends
The doctor told me...
There was little hope for cure..
Lin, trust me,
being small is not a problem
And just like humans,
it will grow bigger
Size is really not important
Take my word for it
I am married
Small ones have their advantages
Nothing wrong with being small...
You took it all wrong!
I don't believe you!
It's true!
I gotta see it to believe it!
I used to be a nurse...
I've seen a lot
Come on, take your pants off...
Iet me take a look,
be a good boy...