Better Than Sex

Lin, who'd have thought...
this would be my last gift
to you

Take this key,
to the address,
and find the girl in the book
She'll rid you of all
your confusion

And lastly, when you meet her...
please tell her,
I will always love her, Cheng.
Dude, when I was little,
I thought...

that prison was like serving
in the army,

everyone had to go there
for a while

Why is that?
Because my dad, my brother,
my uncle,my brother in law,
and my cousins

all went to prison
Back then, I used to think,
fuck! I've gotta grow up,
and go to prison to see
what it's like

Maybe it's because...
they're so ugly?
I've seen your dad and
he's butt-ugly!

Dad, from now on it's like this,
if you hit Mom,
I'll hit you twice

I still owe you a slug
Got you!
You delinquents!
We've got you!