Better Than Sex

everyone had to go there
for a while

Why is that?
Because my dad, my brother,
my uncle,my brother in law,
and my cousins

all went to prison
Back then, I used to think,
fuck! I've gotta grow up,
and go to prison to see
what it's like

Maybe it's because...
they're so ugly?
I've seen your dad and
he's butt-ugly!

Dad, from now on it's like this,
if you hit Mom,
I'll hit you twice

I still owe you a slug
Got you!
You delinquents!
We've got you!
Give up, you shit-heads!
Are you even 18?
Who told you to dye your hair!?
No helmets?
Do you have a license?
You make me sick!
You bunch of scums!
Good, translator,
explain our program to them
I am pooped, it's so hot..
We are with a Japanese TV company
producing a show called:
"Saving Taiwan's
Street Delinquents"

We need teenagers...
who look like delinquents...
Who's the delinquent!

Why us!
Do we look like
juvenile delinquents?

You two, stretch out your arms!
Your arms!
Aren't you listening!
You, give me
a fingernail clipper

Look at these hands!
I can't stand girls
with long nails!

Cut them all off!
Mother Fucker! Look how neat
my fingernails...