Better Than Sex

Look at that!
That's the tattoo I want!
The shirt Yuki bought for me...
How dare you!
I am Alikura of Japan's
Sumiyoshi gang!

The assasin's knife "lnu-maru"!
Where did you get it!
It's so beautiful...
I've never seen such
a beautiful tattoo..

You don't look like the type
who'd have a tattoo

When I was young,
I was with Japan's largest gang
"Sumiyoshi Union"
You used to be a gang member!
One day,
when I was running low on cash
I robbed a girl

Armed robbery!
That girl's name was Yuki Koide
After we're married,
she's called Yuki Alikura
She married you!
Became your wife!

It's not him?
Take another look,
it's him isn't it?