Better Than Sex

Afterwards, I asked her why
she didn't identify me

She said:
when I first saw you,
a magical tune
appeared in my head
The melody is so beautiful
I thought, if you...
could make me hear such
a beautiful thing

there was still hope for you
I was willing to give you
a second chance

That's why
I was so touched. I asked her,
if I get out of the gang,
would she be willing to date me
A year later, we got married
Here, let me sew it
My best grades were
in home economics

Yuki gave me this shirt
I'll sew it myself
Next time we go to your place,
you'll have to let us
meet your wife

Your finger!
Wolong Street, Lane 248,
Alley 33, No. 2-1

No. 1, 2, 3?
What's going on?
Where is No 2-1?
You looking for No 2-1?
Finally, someone
looking for No 2-1!