Better Than Sex

Lin is my only true friend
His confusion exists,
because he doesn't know...
what he wants in life
Please do me a favor,
help him understand the fire
of a woman's love

and the tenderness of
being embrassed...

is the most wonderful thing
on earth

Though my time is up,
and couldn't experience
this any more

Help him understand
Forever yours, Cheng
Cheng says you were his
only friend.

Boss Cheng is also
my only friend.

When this was printed,
54,000 copies were made.
Cheng destroyed 53,999
of the copies

This is the only copy left
in the world

Cheng grew up with me,
he was like a brother
After high school,
we lost touch.
The next time I saw him,
I was already married
I always worried,
my pictures were
in that nasty magazine...

Nasty? Why?
my husband is an self-righteous

if he ever found out I posed
for the porno...

what would I do?
Once Cheng knew,
he opened the book store,
and began recovering every one
of the books

He even bought this house for me
I knew he liked me
But, strangely,
he never asked anything of me...
It wasn't until
I saw this letter...

that I realized he was impotent
All he could do is watch...