Better Than Sex

This is the only copy left
in the world

Cheng grew up with me,
he was like a brother
After high school,
we lost touch.
The next time I saw him,
I was already married
I always worried,
my pictures were
in that nasty magazine...

Nasty? Why?
my husband is an self-righteous

if he ever found out I posed
for the porno...

what would I do?
Once Cheng knew,
he opened the book store,
and began recovering every one
of the books

He even bought this house for me
I knew he liked me
But, strangely,
he never asked anything of me...
It wasn't until
I saw this letter...

that I realized he was impotent
All he could do is watch...
My husband knows nothing
These past few years have been
so wonderful

It's just that...
I live in the shadow of my past
I feel like...
I am not worthy to live
such a good life,

because I posed for the porno...
No, don't say that!
Don't you know
how many young men,

night after night,
have overcome their loneliness..
how many boys,
have found comfort
in these images!

You must know that?!
You're already a man,