Black and White

When he's around
you always disrespect me.

So fucking what?
You're always telling me I'm your pussy,
I'm this, I'm that.

You gotta chill on that shit.
-Is that Mike Tyson?
-Yeah, that's Mike Tyson.

-Are you filming everything?
-It's part of the documentary.

-Check the joint out.
-Give me this shit.

Come on, it's part of the documentary.
I'm not doing anything bad with it.

Okay, this is me.
-This is what I look like.
-Yeah, I can see you right there.

-Is that really Mike Tyson?
-Yeah, that's Mike Tyson.

-Women in the Palaeolithic Era.
-The Golden Age.

Yeah. Goddesses.
-They ruled.
-No one understood procreation.

How would anybody know
without being told?

-People just go on being naive and angry.
-It makes perfect sense.

-We didn't go to the bookstore.
-We'll do it tomorrow.

-Keep well.
-You too. Bye.

Did you know that women
in the Palaeolithic Era were like....

-What's the matter?
-I'm fucked.

-The game didn't work out?
-Nothing worked out. The guy was a cop.

-The guy who approached you?
-The guy who paid me!

You took the money.
You act surprised.
You thought I should take the money, too.

I said, "Do what you want,
just be true to yourself."

What was that supposed to mean?
That means free will, your choice.
And you chose to take the bribe.

-So what's the problem now, you regret it?
-Yeah, I regret it. I got caught!

Suppose you hadn't been caught.
Then what?

Then you would've felt good
about yourself, right?

So, who you are is based on external
judgements and not any conviction.

Are you listening to yourself?.
I'm in the worst trouble of my life...

...and you're examining it
like it's a term paper.

What happened? Did he arrest you?
-I guess.
-What do you mean you guess?

-He didn't want me.
-Who did he want?

He wanted me to rat out Rich
because of the shit he's doing.