Boiler Room

Yeah, but how can I do shit like that?
lsn´t there a compliance officer here?

No. No, man. Everybody does that shit.
Are you kidding?

I mean, even on Wall Street.
You talking about John there?
That guy works for us.

The guy´s a fuckin´ chimp. Look at him.
The only compliance work...

he´s doin´ is makin´ sure my lunch
is still hot when it gets here.

He´s only here because the S.E.C.
requires it. Easiest job in the world.

Look. I think he´s actually
masturbating right now.

- Stay the fuck away from her.
- Yeah.

Holy shit, you slut.
You made the call.

No, no. Don´t you dare. Get your
filthy one-race paws off my money.

What´d you bet me?
A month´s commission?

- Yeah, and yours too, kid.
- How do you get away with this?

´Cause l´m a Jew,
and I have the mind of a champion.

See this?
Here, kid.
Go get a tan and some Rogaine.

- Watch out for this.
- Fuckin´ A.

The only bookie in New York
that delivers FedEx.

When are you gonna
take the test, Seth?

Well, you know, after
the training program´s over.

They want you to get a good idea
of how things work there...

before you take the Series Seven,
but it´s a great system.

- I´m really learning a lot.
- Are you gonna be rich, Seth?

- Oh, God willing.
- I hope so.

How come l´ve
never heard of this firm?

I don´t know.
It´s a smaller firm, I guess.
There´s a million others like it
you probably never heard of.

The reason I ask is ´cause I would´ve
thought that you would´ve...

joined a firm like Goldman Sachs
or something of that stature.

- Marty, what are you starting for?
- What?

No, no. Ma, it´s okay.
The reason is, Dad...

that the larger houses don´t really like
to hire kids straight out of college...

you know, unless you went
to an lvy League school...