Boiler Room

The only bookie in New York
that delivers FedEx.

When are you gonna
take the test, Seth?

Well, you know, after
the training program´s over.

They want you to get a good idea
of how things work there...

before you take the Series Seven,
but it´s a great system.

- I´m really learning a lot.
- Are you gonna be rich, Seth?

- Oh, God willing.
- I hope so.

How come l´ve
never heard of this firm?

I don´t know.
It´s a smaller firm, I guess.
There´s a million others like it
you probably never heard of.

The reason I ask is ´cause I would´ve
thought that you would´ve...

joined a firm like Goldman Sachs
or something of that stature.

- Marty, what are you starting for?
- What?

No, no. Ma, it´s okay.
The reason is, Dad...

that the larger houses don´t really like
to hire kids straight out of college...

you know, unless you went
to an lvy League school...

or you wanna do cash-flow analysis
for the next 1 5 years.

They usually like you
to work...

outside their firm for a few years
to get a good sense of the marketplace.

But most all brokers usually start out
in little firms likeJ.T. Marlin.

That´s great. See? He answered
the question. That was easy.

So all you have to do
is close the casino, right?

we talked about this.

- What are you giving me looks for?
- Didn´t we talk about this?

- What? I just--
- It was a celebration.

You know what?
I gotta go meet somebody.

I love you, Ma.
See ya.
See ya later.

Nice job, Marty.