Brat 2

He's your brother, after all.
Screw him...

This message is for subscriber 712515.
Irina, please call me on

It's Danila. You showed me
the way to Channel 6.

Regards from Demidov.
I'll be waiting.

- Who's that?
- Saltykova.

- Where did you get the number?
- From Demidov.

Warrant officer, get us
some more cold beer.

Mitya was with the Kiev Falcons
for 2 years.

Then he was drafted by the NHL to play
for the Chicago Black Hawks. Cool!

Can you imagine? Your brother's
going to America to play hockey!

But the Kiev mob
got him.

They egged Chicago Ukrainians
on Mitya.

They said: "We raised you,
we gave you money,

now it's payback time."
Greedy bastards!

Mitya knows if you pay once,
you pay forever.

So he found some local
protection... an American.

Katya, we are talking, OK?
The American got it right.
He found some people

to represent Mitya's interests
in the NHL.

Lots of agents came with contracts
to sign.

Mitya signed them all and
the Ukrainians left him alone.

Everything was OK.
He was scoring his goals.

Not long ago the Pittsburgh
Penguins bought him.

But all the money goes to
the account of this American.