Chicken Run

So, um, anyway--
Remember those flying tips tomorrow.
They're very important.

Keep thinking
those flighty thoughts.

Oh, yeah.
They're swell chicks.
They really are.

Look at what Babs made me.
A beak warmer. Isn't that the cutest ?

And that Bunty.
She really packs a punch.

Is there a problem here ?
- Have we flown over that fence ?
- Not quite.

- Then there's a problem.
- Good things come to those
who wait, doll face.

Ginger !
- Okay, how long did it take you ?
- To do what ?

To learn how to fly.
Apples and oranges, baby doll.
I'm gifted. They're not.

You can't compare
the two, okay ?

The point is,
these things take time.

Which we are rapidly
running out of.

- We haven't even lifted
off the ground. Why ?
- Thrust.

I went over my calculations,
and I figured the key element
we're missing is thrust.

I-I didn't get
a word of that.

Thrust ! Other birds like ducks
and geese, when they take off,
what do they have ? Thrust.

I swear she ain't
using real words.

- She said we need more thrust.
- Oh, thrust.

Well, of course, we need thrust.
Thrust and flying are like this.
That's flying and that's thrust.

- Would you excuse us ?
- Aye.

Ah, the wing,
the wing, the wing.

If we don't see some results
by tomorrow, the deal is off,
and you're on your own.

No more hiding.
The farmers will find you,
and it's back to the circus, flyboy.

You're the first chick I ever met
with the shell still on.

Sleep tight, angel face. The Rock's
on the case.

Whew !
Cock-a-doodle-doo! What, what.