Essex Boys

[Fireworks Continue
Whistling, Exploding]

Look at this !
Look, look at this !

Hello, leader.
How are you doing ?

Oi ! BillyWhizz, drinks.
Tell Tommy to get the scotch.

The good stuff,
the malt, all right ?

Oi, you little sods. Hey, come on,
this is not a toy. Off you get !

Hey, Beverley. Beverley, would you
come and look after these sods ?

Jason Locke !
Out from under lock and key at last.
Here he is ! Yea !

That's the color of the moon

Secretin the rainbow
[Billy Narrating]
Him, with Jason--

that's his old mate,
Kiri Christos, the banker.

Well, geezers couldn't very well
go to the NatWest, could they ?

So, they went to him.
[Continues, Indistinct]
[ Chattering ]
You are looking
just as beautiful as ever.

- Oh !
- Beautiful !

Oh, and fiery !
Oh, yes, it's that
Peter Chase spouting off.

Oh, my God, Kiri !
Can you believe it ? We're in
our thirties. I feel so ancient.

If I looked as good as you,
it wouldn't bother me much.

o you know how upsetting it is to have
hair coming out your nose and ears ?

That's what they should have told us
in biology, not how to cut up--

What were they, locusts ?
[ Laughs ]
You always did make me laugh.

[Continues, Indistinct]
Jason says he wants to
go into business.

Yeah, well,
isn't it about time he did ?

- Haven't they made enough money
off his back ?
- So, he needs a banker.

- But he's got a problem.
- What's that ?

- He's got no security.
- Okay. How's he get that ?

Well, he needs to put up
something against the loan.

Something valuable.
Something I want.

I didn't know Jason had
anything you wanted.

Well, you haven't been paying much
attention all these years, have you ?