Essex Boys

Oh, and fiery !
Oh, yes, it's that
Peter Chase spouting off.

Oh, my God, Kiri !
Can you believe it ? We're in
our thirties. I feel so ancient.

If I looked as good as you,
it wouldn't bother me much.

o you know how upsetting it is to have
hair coming out your nose and ears ?

That's what they should have told us
in biology, not how to cut up--

What were they, locusts ?
[ Laughs ]
You always did make me laugh.

[Continues, Indistinct]
Jason says he wants to
go into business.

Yeah, well,
isn't it about time he did ?

- Haven't they made enough money
off his back ?
- So, he needs a banker.

- But he's got a problem.
- What's that ?

- He's got no security.
- Okay. How's he get that ?

Well, he needs to put up
something against the loan.

Something valuable.
Something I want.

I didn't know Jason had
anything you wanted.

Well, you haven't been paying much
attention all these years, have you ?

Kiri, um,
would you just excuse me
a minute ?

It was just getting interesting.
[Continues, Indistinct]
- All right ?
- Who's that ?

don't know. I just said
hello to her tonight.

- Are you enjoying yourself?
- I said, "Who is she ?"

don't know.Just some little bird
Billy's knocking off.

Anyway, it went well
with Kiri.

don't shame me,Jason.
- Beverley, all right ?
- Mm.

- So, what you been up to then, Lisa ?
- Oh, you know,

getting beasted by Jason.
When they've been inside for so long,
they want to do it up the arse.

If that's what your mate's been
doing to you for five years,
it's bound to have an efect.

- Anyway, what about you girls ?
- Oh, yeah.

I didn't tell you what Pete bought me
for Christmas, did I ?