Finding Forrester

Hey, Jamal!
Jamal, you awake?
Jamal! l know you can hear me, boy.
Jamal, l'm writing all this down.
l've got that thing with your teacher
and l'm working late.

So you're gonna have to take care
of yourself for dinner, okay?

Hey, l thought you wanted
to get up by 7:30.

-Play the ball.

-Play the ball.

-You want to change things?
-Check that.

Play ball, baby. Stop crying.
Hold on. What up, J?
Where you been, man?

-What's up?
-Sleep, yo.

-Hey, what's up, man?
-Up wondering how to save your ass.

-What are you saving?
-Hey, Damon.

Let's go.
J, break him up, man.
Take the ball, man, okay?
-Oh, he broke your ankles, man!

You can't give him that.
-You can't give him that.
-l'm awake.

Come on, yo.
-You got something for me?
-What you got?

Souffle, baby!
Where's the D?
Got nothing for me, man.
A lot of good that's doing.
-lt's something for The Window.
-You ever seen him?

-The Window?

No. But he see us, man.
Come on, what's wrong with y'all?
Y'all want to play ball?

-All right, baby.
-Wake up.

-You got to help me out, man.
-Shake it!

Hip-hop, man.
ln 1845, Poe wrote his
most famous piece, ''The Raven''...