Finding Forrester

J, break him up, man.
Take the ball, man, okay?
-Oh, he broke your ankles, man!

You can't give him that.
-You can't give him that.
-l'm awake.

Come on, yo.
-You got something for me?
-What you got?

Souffle, baby!
Where's the D?
Got nothing for me, man.
A lot of good that's doing.
-lt's something for The Window.
-You ever seen him?

-The Window?

No. But he see us, man.
Come on, what's wrong with y'all?
Y'all want to play ball?

-All right, baby.
-Wake up.

-You got to help me out, man.
-Shake it!

Hip-hop, man.
ln 1845, Poe wrote his
most famous piece, ''The Raven''...

...a poem he wrote while strung out
on coke and obsessed with death.

''The Raven'' is like the football team.
There's a team obsessed with death.
Always get their ass kicked.

Baltimore Ravens, only pro football
team named after a classic poem.

Anyone read it?
''Once upon a midnight dreary
While l pondered, weak and weary....''
Jamal, how about it?
No, l never read it.
Okay, l need those essays
by next Tuesday.

Yo, man, my dad saw The Window, man.
Yo, man, my dad saw The Window, man.
About 20 years ago.
Just like a ghost, like the ones
that be in our science books.

-Just like that.
-So, what, he was white?

Ain't milk white?
-Ever see a ghost that wasn't white?
-Just playing.

l heard he killed somebody.
That's why he stays inside.